The Glo​bal Pound Conference is your opportunity to be part of history.​ Structured around four inte​ractive sessions​ where Core Questions will be voted and discussed, and ​aimed at better understanding the demand for and supply of Dispute Resolution services. Come listen to and interact with eminent international​ and local speakers, who will share their ​perspectives on the future of Dispute Resolution.  Join in the conversation and help shape ​the future of dispute resolution and access to justice by attending this unique event​!

Through a series of interactive voting and discussion sessions using new technologies and their smart phones, all participants will be able to express their views on a range of vital issues affecting how disputes are resolved – with results projected instantly and comparing priorities by stakeholder category. Each session will generate valuable and actionable data on what dispute resolution users actually need, and how others stakeholders can help meet those needs. The goal of the Series is to stimulate real impact and effective change.  Be part of a unique opportunity to make a real impact and shape the future of dispute resolution and access to justice around the world." ​​​

​​Hong Kong Con​vention & Exhibition Centre
Conference ​Room N201



Master of Ceremonies

Alexander Oddy, Partner and Head of ADR, Herbert Smith Freehills LLP


​GPC Hong Kong Opening​

Keynote Address by Secretary for Justice, Rimsky Yuen, SC, JP, Department of Justice HKSAR


GPC Core Questions – Interactive Voting & Discussion Session 1

Access to Justice & Dispute Resolution Systems: What do parties want, need and expect?​

This session explores the needs of commercial and civil disputants, the types of outcomes sought, the role of lawyers and different types of providers, and an understanding of what distinguishes inexperienced parties from experienced and sophisticated disputants.   It will cover which dispute resolution mechanisms are considered for resolving on-going disputes. Dispute resolution providers can also gain insights to the subtle differences in considerations and influences between different types of clients and types of disputes.​


  • Julian Copeman, Managing Partner, Greater China, Herbert Smith Freehills LLP​ 


  • Fiona Stewart, Head of Claims and Director of Legal Services, Aon Asia and Aon Hong Kong
  • Alex Charter, Director and Head of Litigation, Asia Pacific, Credit Suisse
  • Donald Leo​, General Counsel, Hong Kong Institute of Certified Public Accountants​
  • Brian Downie, General Manager, MTR Corporation Limited

11:10amNetworking Coffee Break​

GPC Core Questions – Interactive Voting & Discussion Session 2

How is the market currently addressing parties' wants, needs and expectations?

On the supply side, providers and advisors will provide access to key information that will help shape the choice of dispute resolution processes. This session builds on the discussion from Session 1, and explores what outcomes providers tend to prioritise, what tends to influence outcomes, the benefits of participating in non-adjudicative processes, what makes a process efficient, and who is responsible for ensuring the parties are aware of their procedural choices.  This session also explores how services provided on the ‘supply’ side currently address the needs of disputants, and whether new and innovative approaches are required to complement the market’s offerings today to meet or exceed parties’ expectations.


  • Prof Anselmo Reyes, International Judge, SICC Singapore International Commercial Court


  • Danny McFadden, Regional Representative CEDR Asia Pacific, World Bank Group Mediator and Trainer
  • John Mitchell, Partner, PricewaterhouseCoopers
  • Anita Phillips, Professional Support Consultant, Herbert Smith Freehills LLP​
  • Mingchao Fan, Regional Director of Arbitration & ADR for North Asia, International Chamber of Commerce
  • Bruno Arb​oit, F​ounder and managing partner, Zolfo Cooper China​
  • Richard Jones, General Counsel, Greater China & North Asia, Standard Chartered Bank
  • Fred Kan, Director, Financial Dispute Resolution Centre; Senior Partner, Fred Kan & Co

​1:00pmNetworking Sit Down Lunch​
Location: The Bauhinia Room

GPC Core Questions – Interactive Voting & Discussion Session 3​

How can dispute resolution be improved? (Overcoming obstacles and challenges)

What are the main obstacles faced by parties when seeking to resolve disputes?   What processes and tools should be prioritised to improve dispute resolution and access to justice?  Which stakeholders are likely to be most resistant to change and which ones are likely to be most influential? This session will focus on the primary obstacles and challenges to dispute resolution and the solutions available to overcome them.  New solutions using technology and hybrid dispute resolution systems will also be discussed.​



  • Joe Liu, Managing Counsel, Hong Kong International Arbitration Centre​
  • ​​May Tai, Partner, Disp​​ute Resolution, Herbert Smith Freehills LLP
  • Craig Arnott, Managing ​Director, Burford Capital 
  • Jody Sin​​​Direc​tor, Resolution Mediation Consultants​​
  • Alice To,​ General Counsel, Hsin Chong Construction Company Limited​
  • Abigail Cooke​​, Asia Pacific Account Manager of kCura LLP

​3:30pmNetworking Tea Break​

GPC Core Questions – Interactive Voting & Discussion Session 4:

Promoting better access to justice: What action items should be considered and by whom?​

The last session includes thought-provoking questions about the responsibilities of each stakeholder group in shaping the future of dispute resolution.  What are effective ways of providing parties with more choice?  What is likely to have most impact? What innovations and trends should be taken into consideration? With a better understanding of the roles each stakeholder group has to play, stakeholders will be empowered to improve current and future dispute resolution processes and identify the changes to be focused on.


  • Norris Yang​Founder, ADR International Limited; Partner, Zhong Lun Law Firm​


  • Justin D'AgostinoGlobal Head of Disputes and Regional Managing Partner - Asia and Australia, Herbert Smith Freehills LLP​
  • Wesley Wong Wai-chung, ​SC, Solicitor General, Department of Justice, HKSAR
  • Laura Lau Chin Yui, ​Di​strict Jud​ge, State Courts, Singapore
  • Dr. Christopher T​oImmediate Past Executive Director, The Construction Industry Council
  • ​​Jamie SparkesSpecialty Casualty Manager, North Asia, Liberty International Underwriters
  • Brad Wang, Managing Counsel at CIETAC Hong Kong Arbitration Center and CMAC Hong Kong Arbitration Center​
  • Sylvia Siu, Vice President, Hong Kong Institute of Arbitrators


GPC Hong Kong​ Closing​

Closing Address by The Honourable Chief Justice G​eoffrey Ma Tao-li, GBM, Hong Kong Court of Final Appeal

*Note that the above programme is subject to further changes by the Conference organisers.